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Since its inception, the Law Offices of Dana L. Reynolds, LLC has focused on providing guidance, education, and legal representation for family building through assisted reproductive technology or ART. Ms. Reynolds is uniquely experienced in the ART arena to provide competent legal assistance and representation to intended parents, donors, or gestational carriers.

Legal Assistance for the Expansion of Your Family

Are you thinking of expanding your family through gestational surrogacy or assisted reproductive technology, such as egg or embryo donation? If so, let the Law Offices of Dana L. Reynolds, LLC provide you guidance.

Assisted reproductive technology legal services

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating ART agreements

  • Communicating with reproductive technology medical and mental health professionals and agencies

  • Egg and embryo donation

  • Gestational surrogacy

  • Pre-birth petitions to establish parentage

We navigate you through the legal complexities

Through medical advances, the option to be a father or a mother is now available to a wide diversity of individuals and couples who formerly had no hope of having children of their own. However, along with this comes additional complexities and uncertainties for many intended parents, donors and gestational carriers. Let us structure your agreements and navigate you through a complex legal framework that gives you the confidence you need. - Gestational Surrogacy Laws Across the United States

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